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The Biggest Challange ” Human Factor “

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EMSA Annual Review for 2019 shown that, still ” Human factor” is the biggest challange for the marine incidents.

Is it possible to eliminate “Human Factor” and improve behaivoural competency with proper assessment ? 

It is estimated that 75% to 96% of marine accidents can involve human error. Furthermore, AGCS analysis of almost 15,000 marine liability insurance claims between 2011 and 2016 shows human error to be a primary factor in 75% of the value of all claims analyzed – equivalent to over $1.6bn of losses. Given the role of human error in so many incidents, the quality of crew and ship owners’ overall safety culture are of increasing importance to risk assessment. “How an operator takes care of the crew can be seen in the claims pattern. Good conditions, working hours, salaries and opportunities for career development, as well as access to training, fresh air and exercise will all help improve crew quality,” says Justus Heinrich, Chief Underwriter Marine Hull, Central and Eastern Europe at AGCS.

“ The growing use of safety-enhancing technology in shipping has also been a positive for safety and claims. Electronic navigation tools, ship-to-shore communications and the greater use of sensors have the potential to improve navigation, help avoid incidents and reduce the impact of human error at sea – which our research has shown is a primary factor in 75% of claims. However, accidents can also happen due to overreliance on technology, so crews and officers must understand its shortcomings and limitations. The considerable improvement in total losses over the years is evidence of improving Safety standards. However, many areas still require improvements. Learning from accidents is one such area.”
Global Head of Marine Risk Consulting,
Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty


Navigation / Remote Navigation / Cargo and Mooring Assessment


Most of the company internal audit, 3rd party inspections focus on the equipment working condition and limited crew knowledge. However biggest challenge is the implementation of the knowledge. As Bosphorus Audit & Consultancy with above assessments, the soft skill of the crew and behavioral competencies is able to reveal;

  • Team working
  • Communication and influencing
  • Situational awareness
  • Decision making
  • Results focus
  • Leadership and managerial skills
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