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Based on P&I Club Statistics a high proportion of navigational class of claims is still attributed to the following causes and an external audit could result in higher awareness and reduced operational risks for the operator:
• ineffective procedures,
• ignorance of bridge watch keeping best practice,
• poor bridge team management and
• ineffective communication
• limited skills in ECDIS handling

The biggest risk facing a ship owner is a major navigational incident in spite of the fact that the techniques for safe navigation are well known. When these techniques are professionally executed, navigational risks can be reduced. Navigational audits are a requirement of TMSA and becoming more and more common in other trades e.g. bulk carriers. During the preparation and the actual audit, the participants will be made aware of gaps in their knowledge that could lead to unsafe procedures and understand the huge importance of the human element in the navigational process. Improvements to existing Safety Management Systems can also be identified within such an audit.


Navigation assessment is an excellent tool to identify gaps for the safe of navigation, effectiveness of the received trainings. An onboard navigation assessment will be conducted by Nautical Institute accredited external navigation assessor. Mentoring and onboard preventive actions are taken and reported to the client.


• A detailed navigation audit including Human Element, Behavioral Competency and technical skill gaps and action plan
• A detailed navigational audit will be carried out as per the latest navigational standards and best practices
• Assessment of the bridge team will be carried out
• Review and confirm that bridge practices are in compliance with international regulations and company procedures
• Review and assess the skills and proficiency levels of the bridge team
• Review and evaluate the effective functioning of the bridge team during all sections of a voyage
• Use the opportunity to promote robust navigational practice
• Passage planning- preparation, planning & execution
• Use of Electronic Chart Systems & ECDIS
• Coastal & Deep sea Navigation where applicable
• Navigation in restricted water & strait & port approaches
• Bridge team management
• Status of bridge equipment
• Mooring, Unmooring & Anchorage ( if carried out)
The navigational auditor observations and recommendations are thereafter discussed with the entire bridge team, and with individual officers as necessary. Training needs are identified, discussed with the master and, wherever possible, immediate correction and refresher training is given to relevant officers.

The report will be included with gap and action analysis. Behavioral Competency Report and Training requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

As per TMSA Comprehensive navigational audits are conducted while on passage by a suitably qualified and experience person.

Our assessors are had deep experience at sea and shore based roles. Assessor are qualified from Nautical Institute as an external navigation assessor.

After confirmed by the company. Assessor will seek information before embarkation of the vessel, in order to provide suitable pre-requisite criteria for each bridge team members. After joining onboard and briefing for assessment, the assessor mostly act an observer. The assessment of the bridge team, carried out most convenient time in order to prevent any rest hour breach and care of watchkeeping duties. Gaps and actions will be discussed on-scene during assessment with bridge team. Closing meeting held after assessment completed.

The draft report will be submitted to the company and after confirmation final report will be sent. Assessor will only report to the company. Company may use the report for internal training and continuous improvement.

As far as applicable  there are more than forty core element of the navigation has been deployed on the assessment. Assessor will check the equipment, implementation, procedures and safe of navigation onboard including Behavioral Competency. The sample report will submitted upon request.

The training during assessment onboard, carried out as mentoring and on-scene training. If special training is requested by company before attendance. The mentoring will cover all the areas where assessor need to be improvement. The assessor will carry out onboard training as per request.

Since the assessment demands the embarkation onboard and sailing with vessel. The assessment quotation is depending to the navigating area for attend vessel. Travel cost and may be waiting cost will be arising. Please send a request to for proper quotation.


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